This is Old Louisville

Everybody likes to talk about how this historic neighborhood south of downtown Louisville is an amazing collection of Victorian architecture, and it is that, for sure. But mainly, it’s an amazing neighborhood, period. One of the most diverse communities in Louisville, Old Louisville gets its vibrancy from the interesting, cool, and fun people who choose to call it home. We have under the radar treasures like the best burger you’ve never heard of, and surprises, like the biggest annual event in Louisville (it’s an art fair, not that horse race!).

From The Flats on Sixth you can walk to neighborhood favorites like North Lime Donuts and Old Louisville Brewery; dine at the most critically acclaimed restaurant in the city at 610 Magnolia; and pick up your instagram-ready house plants at Forage.

Central Park is a five minute walk, and after you get your green time in, across the street is the postcard-perfect Saint James Court, complete with a pink palace, and hidden walking courts.

We’d love to share our neighborhood with you! Here are a few picks to get you started.