Our Louisville

Welcome! How about some ideas to get you started exploring the neighborhood and Louisville!?

What’s cool nearby?

Lots! But we’re super excited for Logan Street Market, our urban public market just a five minute drive from here. Markets are one of the best ways to explore a new city, and this is a fantastic way to get a taste of Louisville all under the roof of a former tobacco and candy warehouse. Harvey’s Cheese Shop is a favorite and people love their cheese boards.

Where should I go for breakfast or coffee?

We love sending folks to North Lime Doughnuts! Their goodies are made from scratch with love, and you can hang out for a while in the cool old building they saved from demolition and restored. They’re a quick walk south on 6th St. (going away from downtown) to Ormsby, then right and it’s the cool old brick building across the street at the end of that block. (For a total Old Louisville detour, skip the Ormsby turn and continue on 6th another half block to Floral Terrace on the right. Open the gates and follow the brick path through this hidden treasure to 7th, and North Lime is back to the north).

For a classic greasy spoon diner experience instead, head east on St. Catherine to the Dizzy Whizz at 217 (follow the scent of burgers on the griddle). Fair warning: you will see ALL walks of life here. And it’s cash only. Yeah, it’s that kind of place. I hope it never goes away. They were also doing curbside before curbside was life — you can pull up in your car and kick it old school with carhop ordering. (If places like this are your jam you should really go to Ollie’s Trolley, 978 South Third Street,  and read this secret history of the world’s best hamburger.

OR, if you don’t mind a quick drive into the heart of the trendiest neighborhood, head to Please & Thank You (the original one at 800 E. Market) in NuLu for the Spanish Latte. Also the best chocolate chip cookies.

Who delivers good pizza?

Pizza Donisi New York style for the win. They’re at (502) 213-0488.

Where should I drink beer?

Do go to Old Louisville Brewery! It’s a great little craft place down the street. Their beer is awesome and all the neighbors bring their dogs.

Where should I buy bourbon to take home and what should I get?

I’ll refer to you this story I wrote on the very topic 🙂

Also go to Red Castle Liquors in the neighborhood. They’ll wave you back behind the security glass to browse and they have some wonderful single barrel picks. (Sometimes they are even sampling!)

What about shopping for food other than bourbon?

Logan Street Market has a small but nicely curated bodega with produce and staples. If you need a full-on grocery store our Kroger is about a 10 minute drive.

I want to ride a bicycle

You’re in luck! LouVelo has a station around the corner on Garvin in front of Genscape. A day pass for unlimited 60-minute rides is $7.50. (Tip: get the app and sign up first)

What else!?

Check out my Perfect Day in Louisville for United Airlines

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